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    Bandb vets hundreds of beautiful and delightful B&B stays across Lake Macquarie to give you and your family a perfect holiday retreat.

Welcome to Bandb

We are group of renowned B & B (Bed & Breakfast) accommodation provider in Lake Macquarie. NSW, Australia. Whether you want a comfortable cottage or a relaxing resort, feel free to contacts us. We take immense pride in offering unforgettable holiday retreats to families, corporate teams, couples and friends at the best price. You can leverage other recreational facilities to make the most out of your stay in Lake Macquarie.

Lake Macquarie Tourism

This is a perfect holiday destination, just an hour away from Sydney, NSW Australia. Enjoy quality time with your family and beloved ones while exploring small towns, villages, beautiful beaches and lakes, the spacious Watagan forest hinterland and a lot more across the city. The most exquisite thing about the Lake Macquarie is its breathtaking views, walking trails and cascading waterfalls along with authentic food and hand-crafted wines.

A short stroll to the picnic areas around the lake, spectacular lookouts, shopping precincts and art galleries will give your kids a memorable experience throughout your Lake Macquarie trip. Many leading companies of NSW including Bond Cleaning Newcastle book with us for their entire management team to give them a relaxing holiday.


Bed & Breakfast Accommodations

We offer a complete suite of family stays and romantic escapes in the heart of Lake Macquarie.


An ideal accommodation for luxury stay

Cottage Holidays

Offering a relaxed and peaceful environment

Kemeys Mountains Hideaway

Enjoy romantic getaways with high-end hotel amenities

Bell Chapel B&B

Bell Chapel B&B

Explore Splendid Accommodation’s collection of B & B Getaways with Us
Check out our unique collections of B & B Accommodations

Come Closer to the Nature !

The city of Lake Macquarie is renowned for its largest coastal saltwater lake, landscapes, state forests, golden beaches, parks, and much more. It is haven for those who love and nurture nature. If you are looking for a comfortable stay in the city, call our customer support team today and we will help you book the best B&B for you.

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